Friday, February 27, 2009


Finally, we started getting our Creekstone briskets in again this morning. Last December, our supplier - Cash Wa out of Kearney NE - quit buying Creekstone briskets because they were just priced too high. I think Bob said his wholesale price for the packers was over $2.25 so he just quit buying them for a while.

Last week when I talked to Bob he said Creekstone had a little attitude adjustment and dropped the price on them. He is still not making any money on them, but at least we are getting them again.

They had been substuting CAB's, which are a nice brisket, but the Creekstones are still a better quality and are much more uniform in their trim. There is probably less trim waste with the CAB's but they also have a lot more exposed meat which I really don't like.

Bob told me he is looking into Preimum Protien out of Hastings Nebraska as an alternative to Creekstone. That will be interesting to see how their product stacks up.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buns Buns Buns

Trying some new buns out today. Riches has a frozen preformed bun that you just pan and bake. They do turn out extremely good with a nice heavy texture, but not too heavy - ya know the type of bun that does not just melt away with a good jucy burger or stands up to great BBQ.

The buns on the right are before they were baked - right out of the freezer. The buns on the left are right after 18 minutes in the oven.

We had done a case about a month ago that was an Italian Herb flavor. They smelled wonderful and almost too strong on the Italian seasoning. But the Italian flavor was not as pronounced as the smell. We had many good comments about them in the restaruant, but the Italian flavor just was not what we were looking for with BBQ
The ones we baked today are just an Italian White variety. They smelled great, and a great slightly heavy texture and a slightyly sweet, wonderful flavor. They baked in 18 minutes from freezer to done.
We will be using these for our burgers. Now just trying to figure out if we want to use them in place of our hogie buns for the BBQ or not.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting to Blog

Welcome to the inagural post of the 4 Legs Up BBQ Blog. I am really amazed the this has only taken me a few minutes to set up and start posting, but hey, I got it done. Thanks to Danielle of Diva Q for "forcing" me into this and showing me all the good reasons to get it done, Ay!

All of this was really a result of attending the National Barbecue Association conference in Austin, TX last week. I really did learn a lot about marketing and how to easy and important it is to use Facebook and blogs. The conference was excellent in a lot of other ways as well. It was a great networking tool to meet other BBQ proffessionals as well as the excellant seminars. We managed to get in several BBQ Crawls to many "BBQ Joints" in and around Austin like Coopers, Muellers, The Tylor Cafe and Southside Market. It was a protien diet that all BBQ addicts would appreciate.