Friday, February 27, 2009


Finally, we started getting our Creekstone briskets in again this morning. Last December, our supplier - Cash Wa out of Kearney NE - quit buying Creekstone briskets because they were just priced too high. I think Bob said his wholesale price for the packers was over $2.25 so he just quit buying them for a while.

Last week when I talked to Bob he said Creekstone had a little attitude adjustment and dropped the price on them. He is still not making any money on them, but at least we are getting them again.

They had been substuting CAB's, which are a nice brisket, but the Creekstones are still a better quality and are much more uniform in their trim. There is probably less trim waste with the CAB's but they also have a lot more exposed meat which I really don't like.

Bob told me he is looking into Preimum Protien out of Hastings Nebraska as an alternative to Creekstone. That will be interesting to see how their product stacks up.

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